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You can refine your search by using common syntax for search engines when entering search words in the text field.

  • phrase search: Use phrase search if you are searching for consecutive words in a string, for example "study in Hannover". This is useful if a partial sentence or title of the document is known.
  • Wildcard search: Search for words beginning with ... by postfixing with *, for example leib*
  • fuzzy search: Fuzzy search for similar words, e.g. uni~

exact results

Search for search terms as entered in the search field.

more results

Search terms will be extended by using synonyms. Words with the same word stem will also be considered. 

"Refine search" (right column)

By using the folllowing filters, it is possible to narrow down the search.

Dokument type

  • PDF documents
  • Office documents: MS-Office- (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Open-Office documents
  • News: search for news, will also display archived (old) news
  • Webpages: all other pages


Search within a faculty of the Leibniz university, e.g. Faculty for mathematics and physics.


Smallest organizational unit known to the search engine. This might be an institute or a research group or other.

Per default, this is preselected.


August 26, 2014